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Why should I join AMECS?

Well it's quite simple really.  Who better to learn from than your peers who've been through it before you? AMECS provides student-let clinical practice revision sessions to all years at BSMS. Through peer-teaching, evening events and a mentorship scheme, we provide a safe and stress-free environment for students to practice exam skills with those that can provide first hand experience. Our mock-OSCE revision sessions provide a unique opportunity for students to grasp high-yield concepts essential to OSCEs.

Sponsored by the Medical Defence Union (MDU) - Clicking on their logo will take you to their homepage.

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Paul Bonhomme (President of BSMS AMECS 2018-2019)

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Aparnaa Velayudhan (President of BSMS AMECS 2019-2020), as part of her creative venture instagram: @brushonamission

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Bradley Stewart (President of BSMS AMECS 2020-2021)

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