Who we are and why we're here


AMECS is a student­-led society at Brighton and Sussex Medical School. We aim to enhance the medical school curriculum by facilitating peer­-to­-peer teaching initiatives and organising clinician-­led sessions for students of all years. This programme includes both the study of theoretical medical knowledge and its application. The society aims to champion medical education amongst the student body, helping to facilitate their development as future educators – a key GMC outcome. AMECS has developed an electronic network that will allow BSMS students to share resources and obtain support from the wider medical school community. The society also plans to afford students at BSMS the opportunity to become involved in research within the field of medical education by providing grants and support for original studies.


Article 1 – Name of the Society

1.1 The name of the society shall be the Brighton and Sussex Medical School Association of Medical Education and Clinical Skills (AMECS), referred to as BSMS AMECS or AMECS – hereafter referred to as ‘the Society’.

Article 2 – Aims of the Society

2.1 The aim of the Society shall be the provision of supplementary academic, clinical skills and OSCE teaching to Brighton and Sussex Medical School students.

2.2 The Society will aim to organise regular small-group clinical skills teaching sessions throughout the academic year. These events will generally cover all years with emphasis on sessions being lead by what the student body wants.  The aim is the supplement the curriculum currently taught at Brighton and Sussex Medical School.

2.3 The Society will arrange and facilitate yearly peer-taught revision sessions for the Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs). 

Article 3 – Membership

3.1 All students, members of the faculty, and members of staff at either Brighton and Sussex Medical School or University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust are eligible to become members of the Society.

3.2 Membership of the society is on an opt-out basis by BSMS students. There is no charge for this society.


Article 4 – The Committee

4.1 A committee shall conduct the business of the Society.

4.2 The committee of the Society shall be elected following the annual elections, in July of each year.

4.3 The committee of the Society shall consist of the following members: the President; the Vice-President; the Treasurer; the Secretary; the Events Co-ordinator; the Communications Officer; and the Fundraising Officer. Additional committee members (entitled ‘Year Representatives’) shall be elected during the first term of the new academic year. Year Representatives shall be elected for each year-group in which there is not a representative already on the committee.

4.4 Role of the President: The President shall hold overall responsibility for the affairs of the Society. They shall chair all meetings of the Society, save where otherwise decided by the committee.

4.5 Role of the Vice-President: The Vice-President shall assume the duties of the President should they be either absent or unable to fulfill their duties.

4.6 Role of the Treasurer: The Treasurer will manage the financial affairs of the Society, in consultation with the President and the Vice-President. They will maintain the financial records of the Society. They will prepare and present to the Society the end-of-year accounts and the Treasurer’s report for the Society.

4.7 Role of the Secretary: The Secretary will maintain the non-financial records of the Society, including the official membership list, and manage the correspondence of the Society.

4.8 Role of the Communications Officer: The Communications Officer shall be responsible for advertising the events, meetings and elections of the Society. They shall also be responsible maintaining the Society’s online presence, including, but not limited to, the Society’s Facebook page, Twitter feed, and website. All general enquiries sent to the Society’s email address shall be handled by the Communications Officer.

4.9 Role of the Fundraising Officer: The Fundraising Officer is responsible for initiatives aimed at increasing the Society’s financial status.

4.10 Role of the Year Representatives: The Year Representatives shall be responsible for ensuring that members in the respective year are both fully informed and involved with all of the Society’s events and sessions.

4.11 Committee Meetings:

4.11.1 Meeting of the committee shall be held at least once every two months during the academic year. All members of the committee shall be entitled to attend and participate in such meetings.

4.11.2 The quorum for a meeting of the committee shall be four committee members.

4.11.3 Meeting of the committee shall be convened by the President of the Society. At least four days notice of a committee meeting shall be given by the President to the members of the committee.

4.11.4 The committee shall hold office from the first day of August subsequent to their election until the first day of August of the following year.

4.12 The society will be overseen by the director of studies and have guidance from a steering committee. The committee is required to follow the advice of these stated individuals.


Article 5 – General Meetings

5.1 The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Society shall take place in the third semester of the academic year, at a time to be determined by the committee of the Society.

5.2 No less than seven days notice of the Annual General Meeting shall be given. The date and time of the Annual General Meeting shall be notified to the Society and publically advertised.


Article 6 – Election of the Committee

6.1 The election of the committee of the Society shall be during the annual elections, held in July each year.

6.2 The President shall act as returning officer for the elections. Where the President intents to be a candidate in any election, a returning officer, who is not a candidate in any election, shall be appointed by the committee.

6.3 All members of the Society shall be eligible for election to the committee.

6.4 Candidates for each position on the committee of the society are proposed by email of a personal manifesto to the President of the Society (president@bsms-amecs.com).

6.5 All members of the Society shall be entitled to vote in the election of the committee.

6.6 The election of members of the committee shall take place via a secure online form. Voters shall select the nominees name from a list of individuals running for a particular position on the committee. Where the votes obtained by any candidate exceed the votes obtained by any other candidate for that position, they shall be deemed elected to that position.

6.7 Election is decided by two members of the committee blind marking the application forms. If there is a significant difference between these marks, it will be marked a third time with the top two marks being taken.

Article 7 – Resignations from the Committee

7.1 The resignation of any member of the committee shall be instituted by a letter of resignation to the Secretary of the Society. In the case of the resignation of the Secretary, resignation may be instituted by a letter of resignation to the President.


Article 8 – Management of Finance

8.1 The finances of the Society shall be managed by the President and the Vice-President.

8.2 The President, Vice-President and steering shall be authorised signatories on the Society’s account.

8.3 No member of the committee of the Society shall receive remuneration from the Society, or use their office for personal financial gain.


Article 9 – Amendments to the Constitution

9.1 Amendments to the constitution of the Society may only be made at an Annual General Meeting.

9.2 Amendments to the constitution require a two-thirds majority of general members to be passed.


Article 10 – Dissolution of the Society

10.1 The Society may be dissolved by a two-thirds majority vote of its membership at a General Meeting.

10.2 On dissolution of the Society, all assets pertaining to the Society shall become the property of Brighton and Sussex Medical School.