Meet the team running the show.


Meet the smiling team that runs the show


Favourite specialities: Rheumatology & Geriatrics

Bradley Stewart 

Anand Singh Tathgar (Arnie)


Favourite speciality: GP & Cardiology

Amber Moys

Communications Officer

Favourite speciality: Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Farazi Virk

Events Manager

Favourite specialities: Paediatrics & General Practice

Momna Sajjad


Favourite speciality: Cardiology


Ellen Bickley-Morris

Favourite speciality: Paediatrics

Daniel Tebbs

Year 5 Representative

Favourite speciality: Gastroenterology

Naveen Garikapati

Year 4 Representative

Favourite speciality: Psychiatry & Ophthalmology

Danny Ray

Intercalation Representative 

Favourite speciality: A&E & Geriatrics

George Baker

Year 3 Representative

Favourite speciality: Cardiology

Ella Kollstad

Year 2 Representative

Favourite speciality: Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Ghaith Al Najjar

Year 1 Representative

Favourite speciality: Oncology

Aparnaa Velayudhan 

2020 Committee Advisor

Favourite speciality: Ophthalmology 

Matthew Williams 

Patient Educator Liason

Favourite speciality: Paediatrics 

Original website creator:

Paul Bonhomme (President of BSMS AMECS 2018-2019)

All Artwork on the site was created by:

Aparnaa Velayudhan (President of BSMS AMECS 2019-2020), as part of her creative venture instagram: @brushonamission

Website currently managed by:

Bradley Stewart (President of BSMS AMECS 2020-2021)

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